Blocked Drains Concord

You never know when you’re going to be hit with a plumbing requirement, sometimes finding a good plumber in an emergency can become quite a nightmare so it’s always advisable to keep the number of a trusted plumber handy, who can be available whenever you need him.  At Cheap Blocked Drains in Concord we provide a number of plumbing services quickly efficiently and economically. Not only that we also provide you with the right guidelines, so that you can ensure that the drainage in your home and office is always well maintained and functioning like clockwork.

Our team of plumbers are experts at diagnosing the cause of a Blocked Drain, whether the block is in your bathroom or shower or even in the kitchen. Drains in the kitchen, by the very nature of the work that goes on in there, are generally the most common culprits. Pots and pans have grease, sometimes food items are mistakenly thrown in the sink, which end up getting stuck somewhere in the pipes. Our team of experts, whom we train regularly in all the latest technology in the field of plumbing can quickly come, zero in on the location and the cause of the blockage, and set it right, without further delay.

On Call 24/7

A blocked drain can very easily cause damage to the existing plumbing or the floor. It holds up the normal operation of the household or office causing seepage and flooding, this can also pose a health hazard. Blocked Drain Repair needs to be carried out immediately, to avoid further damage, and also be carried out in a manner which is lasting and doesn’t cause problems again. It is just to address this emergency, our team of plumbers respond to calls immediately, and we always have a few of our experts on hand to swing into action 24/7, should the need arise.

Preventive Maintenance

Our team of expert plumbers are also very well trained in the use of the High Pressure Hydro Jet System. We have invested to own this equipment due to our seriousness and commitment to the issue of blocked drainages. These systems can Unblock Drains with high speed and efficiency, cleaning up any residual dirt left behind. In fact we even offer a service called preventive drain cleaning, which is a preventive measure to ensure that the drainage system in your home is always functioning perfectly and you are always on top of things.

Polite and Courteous Team

We prefer to be transparent on our pricing, and charge our clients for the actual work carried out, not by the hour. Sometimes Drain Repair overshoots an estimated time, but that is never a problem for us, and neither should that be a cause of concern for you, because we believe in expert workmanship and even offer you a warranty on the job carried out by us. Our team is always polite and courteous and also believe in clearing out the work area after the job is complete, so that there is no mess. If you’re looking for a fast, neat, expert plumbing service you can call Cheap Blocked Drains in Concord on 02 9119 1348, or visit our website and fill up the contact us form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.