Blocked Drains Northmead

High Quality Blocked Drain Repair in Northmead

Are you looking for a local plumber who will be able to deal with Blocked Drain Repair in Northmead, quickly, efficiently and cheaply?  Well, we at Cheap Blocked Drains are the one company that can provide you the kind of services you need. Today, customers across the region prefer hiring our services as they know that the highest grade materials will be used in the work and that the workmanship will be excellent too.

Use of Plumbing Technology

We are  very  inclined  to using  technology in our work; just as we  use conventional time tested techniques, we also use  advanced equipment  such as  CCTV  drain cameras and electric drain augers  in our work. This helps our plumbers attend to Blocked Drains in Northmead very efficiently and quickly.  Drains tend to get blocked when there is a build up of grease, food particles, dirt, debris, body oils, soap and hair. While some people do use drain strainers, not everyone uses them. They feel that pouring a supermarket drain cleaner into the kitchen or bathroom sink is good enough to clear blocks if any.

Call the Professionals

However, this is a fallacy- when it comes to dealing with Blocked Sinks in Northmead, these remedies don’t always work. This is because many of the effluents we just mentioned tend to build up in bends in the drain pipes. At times, tree roots from the garden also infiltrate the pipes and lead to a severe block in the pipe.  These kinds of blocked drains aren’t something you will be able to tackle yourself and you will have to call in a plumber to do the job for you. Depending on the severity of the block, they will either user hydro-jetting machines to clear the debris or if the roots are too strong, an electric auger will be used to clear the block.

Cost-Effective Solutions

No matter how complex the job, we are the professionals who can tackle these tasks in the best possible way. While we use the latest technology, provide high grade services and focus on providing 100% customer satisfaction, we maintain very low pricing. When you call us to Clear Blocked Drains in Northmead, or to handle any other work, we provide an upfront quote and charge per job, not by the hour. This gives you a very clear idea about what you will be paying for a particular job.

While some tasks can be quite complex and can take longer to complete, some jobs may be completed faster.  We feel that it is fairer to our customers that we charge by job and not by the hour. When it comes to Drain Repair in Northmead, we are the experts who provide services that are second to none. For more information about this and our other plumbing services, or if want to get a quote, call us at 02 9119 1348. You can also send us your queries & requests using this online form on our website and we will revert within the shortest possible time.